Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am so excited! I have been re-modeling and re-decorating for at least the past two or three years. I am finally beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Craig and I have been doing this ourselves between his work, my work, and raising our 13 year old son who's social life is constant. I wanted to show you some of the finished work we have done. We have re-textured every wall in our house and glazed it with the Gel Stain Minwax. I LOVE that stuff! I have had the help of a wonderful decorator, who you may know...her name is Cathy(not only my business partner, but my wonderful friend.) Her mom is working on my bedding, otherwise I would have showed that. I have thrown in a couple of pictures of the living, bath and kitchen too. Let me know what you think. Please disregard the Sonic cup in one of the pictures...oops!


  1. Love those walls! I have been wanting to do some of mine for years now. Just beautiful. Looking forward to Canton so I can see your goods. judy

  2. You have done a wonderful job~ everything looks gorgeous! You're inspiring me to get going on some of my projects!!

  3. it's gorgeous!!! you'll be coming to decorate my house... when?! ;-D

    LoVE the frames!

    ;-D (wait 'til he turns 16... the social life will get the best of you...)

  4. Deidra ~
    You have done such
    a beautiful job!!
    It is gorgeous!!


  5. So loving the villa style walls, euro chic in so many ways, rooms to truly love.
    I can so see that a bargin piece does not get by you.

    Thank you for sharing your time visiting and leaving a comment.

    have a beautiful weekend

  6. It all looks gorgeous... hope we get to see the bedding when it's ready!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  7. Love all of your home decorations! My fav is the bathroom decor and the hanging frames. Visit my new blog at
    Sign up to be a follower and leave a comment or suggestion. I am signing up for your blog right now. The Cranky Queen