Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope you all had a fun, filled Merry Christmas and Santa brought you what your heart desired!

We had our family Christmas at our house this year, and we had over 25, that of which were 10 little kids ranging from 2yrs to 9!!! Now THAT is alot of Holiday Cheer!!!

You know, that is what makes Christmas such a special holiday......celebrating the birth of our sweet baby Jesus, and the laughter and excitment of children opening presents and waiting for Santa to come!!!! This year our grandson being 2 yrs. old was really Fun, and he is what fills our heart and home with sooooooo much love at Christmas!!!

Now, I am in the "RACE" to get as much done as I can before leaving for Canton Wed.!!! Needless to say, all of my Christmas decorations will be staying up for a few more day's or weeks..........maybe I should just say, I hope to get it all down by Valentines Day!! LOL!

We will be having alot of January mark downs this month in Canton, soooooo if you are tired of the shopping malls, and would like to find some fun, unique treasures, come out and spend the New Years with The Girls Gone Junkin in Canton.....Texas that is!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cathy an Deidra aka GGJ


  1. Cathy,
    I cannot wait to have grandchildren!
    I bet you did have tons of
    holiday funness with that many
    little kids!!

    Have a wonderful Canton week!


  2. Cathy, your grandchildren are so cute! Have a Happy New Year. Hope to see you in Canton soon. sandi

  3. I can't wait for grandbabies either~! WIshing you a Happy New Year filled with Love and Joy! Hope to visit with you soon @ Canton. xo, Ann