Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good afternoon fellow bloggers! Well, the rain has stopped for just a moment and as usual, I always have problems with "my wonderful" let's see if I can get through this blog without any problems...
Had a great weekend show at Canton. Seemed like shoppers were in the shopping mood and already looking for Christmas gifts. We got the pleasure of meeting one of Brenda's friends who makes vest just like hers. Alexa lives in California. It was such a pleasure having her and Brenda down for a couple of days to help us out with their beautiful "vintage look" clothing/vests. We even had TWO BRIDES come in and buy their wedding attire! It was so much fun to see what the girls put together for these ladies. I have a picture of one of the brides. Her name is Sharlene Cloud Bevill. Her and her mom Gayle Cloud had a great time shopping and trying on the vintage clothing. She is going to have a vintage wedding in October. Won't that be beautiful?
We had a great visit with Amber, our hairdresser. Everyone there said she had me looking like Beetlejuice, so we just took a picture. We have so much fun when we are getting our hair done with her. We hung out Friday and Saturday. She took us to an awesome place to eat in Terrell called Dos Aces for Jeri's birthday. Great food, drinks, and company, well except for me having a little meltdown over some crickets.....(we ate on the patio)...yes I have a fear of crickets. We learned alot out there on that patio, we are looking forward to eating there next month. It was also great hanging out with Whitney and Susan from Brassy Blueberries, along with their group of friends. We actually enjoyed our nights instead of just going to the cottage!
Thanks to Billy and Denis for always coming by to see us and check out what we have....
Well it has started to rain again, so I better hurry up and finish...I will try to post pictures now..Hope it works! I am sure Cathy will be on here soon, she has really been busy since we got back. Till' next time......Deidra


  1. My mom & I stopped by on Saturday! Loved all of your stuff! Mom actually bought something for her new grandbaby from yall-tap shoes...needless to say, they will be staying at NeeNee's! It was a great weekend for Canton! Stay dry!

  2. I am so planning a trip to Canton sometime soon, I'm dying to shop with ya'll!!! Looks and sounds like you ladies had an awesome time, hope all is well and ya'll are having a fab week!! =)

  3. Would somebody please, for the love of great hair, send me Amber's info. I'm ready for her magic! Looks like y'all had lots of fun this month! ~Mindy

  4. Oh my gosh I am loving loving
    the their precious and sweet
    clothes !!!
    What fun !!