Monday, April 19, 2010

Hope you are all starting the week off with sunshine and a "smile"!! After all of the rain we got over the weekend, I am glad to see the sun!! Deidra and I are busy getting ready for Canton as it is coming up fast....and after we get back home, we will be off again for the Homestead Show in Hico! Homestead Show in ! We are very excited to be in the Homestead Show and hope you can come out for a fun day in Hico!!

I have had a GREAT month of junkin and have found some fun stuff or I should say....GREAT JUNK, that I will be bringing out to Canton!! Some though will be traveling to Hico for the Homestead show!! I will try to post some pics in the next few days of some of my treasures!!! Have a great week......I also must give a "shout out" to Betty from Florida for looking us up in Canton last month.....hope you enjoyed your spring break and found alot of great stuff to take back to Florida with you for your new shop!! I met Betty a year ago in the parking lot of a thrift store that I love located here in the metroplex...we struck up a conversation and I "happened" to have a business card to give her....needless to say, she came through Canton and looked us up this past month while on her vacation! That is one perk to this business.....we meet so many nice and fun people that have the same love we do.......junkin and decorating!!! It just puts a great big smile on my face!!!!! Cathy


  1. Hello There,
    I will be visiting TX and will be coming to Canton. I would really like to meet you, can you tell me where you are located at Canton? Thank you, sandi

  2. Hi Sandi.....would love to meet you too, and have you visit our booth in Canton! When will you be coming to Texas?? We are located on Row 46 in the Paul Michael Bld. Also, if you go to our web site there is a map of our location....stay in touch, Cathy

  3. I love to see someone pack a car just like me !!LOL...