Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!! I wanted to let you all know that Sue is gearing up for Warrenton and will be heading out at the end of the week! For all of you "lucky" junkers that get to go to this event, be sure and look her up! She will be open from March 20th thru 28th and is set up in the Tin Star area which is between Zap Hall and Bar W! We can't wait to see what treasure's she will be bringing back to Canton at the end of the month! Hope to see ya there....Cathy


  1. Oh My...Tell Sue to stay the last weekend (April 1st and 2nd)...that is when we will be there and I love to shop in her booth!

  2. I'm with Denis. She needs to stay longer! haha I will try to find her, for sure! ~Mindy