Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Can't believe that we leave tomorrow morning and open in our new location on Thursday!!! We are soooooo excited! It looks like "mother nature" is going to give us a helping hand also, as the weather looks good for Thurs. In fact, over all for this time of year the weather looks good for the whole weekend....maybe a few showers on Fri. but we can handle that! We still have alot of decorating and "fluffing" to do, but that is the FUN part!!! We will be having 4 drawings each day for door prizes and and as usual, will have all of our "shabby" furnishings, decor and our pendants and jewelry! Better close for now as I still have LOT's to do before we hit the road in the morning! If you forget, we are on Row 46.....in the Paul Michael Bld. also, check out the web site for a map............"Happy Junkin"!!! Cathy and Deidra


  1. I WAS coming Friday, but a customer is coming in for some shopping at my store. I can't miss that. Soooo, maybe, if things go as planned, I will see y'all Saturday (with every other shopper!)...don't give it all away before I get there! k? ~Mindy

  2. I hope y'all liked the post I did on your new place. Really enjoyed seeing all that y'all had put together, it was just beautiful!