Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boy am I glad to still see sunshine today. I don't think that I will be tired of it for a while now.

We had a great month at Canton and only had 1 day to gripe about the weather, other than that it was beautiful! We dressed for two days in our Halloween costumes, but only got pictures for 1 of the days. We had a fun time and it seemed that the customers enjoyed it also! We are already thinking ahead for next year as to what we will dress as. Any ideas?

Thanks to all who came to see us, we look forward to seeing you all every month, and we always enjoy meeting new customers and friends.

Next month we will have lots of Christmas items, hopefully plenty to go around..I guess I better get busy then huh?


1 comment:

  1. You guys looked AWESOME and made it so much fun! Thanks for the wonderful deals and stuff...and for finding our cart! We had a great time and stayed way tooooooo long, which made us very late for our Halloween party. It was worth it. See you next month.