Thursday, May 7, 2009

Luckily Cathy and I made it to Canton this month. We had a rough start within 5 minutes of pulling out of the driveway. After the first intersection, we lost out came unhitched and about scared us to death. I think Cathy pulled a muscle by flinching so much. We did manage to get the trailer out from under our bumper, hooked it back up and on to the show we went.
We made it through the rainy, windy weather this past weekend. Thanks to all of you who came out and survived it with us. It really wasn't that bad. The rain seemed to manage to do its' thing late at night and early morning with the exception of one drizzly day. We had a small windy gust(we heard that it was a small tornado) come through Canton on Saturday night. We drove back by our booth and the right side was a little torn up and stuff was on the ground, but everything was okay. The month of May was when the tornado hit last year. I guess we need to remember that for May 2010, as May seems to be tornado month in East Texas.
We want to give a big thanks to Amber who entertained us on Friday night and gave us some great "rocking haircuts". Thanks for staying open late for us....we look forward to the next one.

Girls Gone Junkin'

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  1. We love you guys. So glad that you made it to Canton this month. We think that y'all are the bomb!!!