Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thought we would update our blog and let all that follow us know what we have been up to!! Our trip to the Chapel Hill Bluebonnet show was a "WASH OUT"! We left Ft. Worth last Fri. morning for our "ya ya sisterhood" road trip and it poured on us all the way......when we arrived in Chapel Hill, the tents that were already set up were a little "deflated" from the storms so as we sat and watched the pouring rain and listened to the Sat. forecast. After finding out that our hotel reservation was short one bed and room, we turned our packed autos around for another 4 and 1/2 hour "ya ya sisterhood" road trip back to the Metroplex!! Even though it was the show that did not happen, I must say that we did enjoy our conversation and many good snacks along the way! This was just another adventure in the world of "Girls Gone Junkin"! We are now getting ready for Canton next week and will have lots of jewelry and treasures to fill our booth....Hope to see all of you there! { We will also be "going green" with more of our junkin bags } which reminds me........Happy Earth Day tomorrow! Cathy and Deidra

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  1. Howdy girls!

    Thanks for the sweet email! Ya'll definitely belong to the "yaya sistas'....love your stuff (hummm...wonder why?):)

    Look forward to seeing some pics...since I don't get up your way very much. Have fun at Canton and have a GREAT show!